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Please Do The Right Thing!

Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Silver, Mr. Cahill, Mr. Coscia, Mr. Ringler, and Mr. Silverstein:

Four years after September 11th we New Yorkers are beginning to feel like ourselves again.

We will never completely recover from the pain and terrible loss of that day.

Our hearts will never be as light and our lives will never be as carefree as they were on the day before.

It took us four years to steady ourselves from the blow; but now we are back, in charge, and as impatient as ever.

This is the Capital of the World – because we strive to be the best at everything and we attract people from other nations who share that need to excel.

Being timid has never been our style, and now it is our duty to stand taller than ever before.

Most New Yorkers, Americans, and people around the world want to see the Twin Towers climbing back into the sky over Ground Zero and we promise you this:

Neither Bin Laden's madness, nor any official arrogance or cronyism, or even the widespread irresponsiblity of the media will succeed in permanently erasing the Twin Towers from our skyline – because we won't stand for it!

Please pay attention: We do not want your "Freedom Tower" and NEVER DID.

Therefore, we the undersigned, New Yorkers in-residence and New Yorkers in-spirit, are formally putting you on notice that we want Ground Zero to be all it should be.

So let's finally do the right thing:

Put our Twin Towers back where they belong, build a memorial where we can go to celebrate the lives and mourn the deaths of the people we lost there, and evict the crowd that thinks they have something to teach us about being Americans*.

We can't bring back our loved ones, but it's high time to bring back our Towers.

And that is what we expect you to do.

Sincerely yours,

The Undersigned Citizens

*Since this was written, the Governor was forced to repudiate the so-called International Freedom Center.

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