In October, 2001, Osama bin Laden gloated, "Those awesome symbolic towers that speak of liberty, human rights, and humanity have been destroyed. They have gone up in smoke."

Please go to for ongoing news of this struggle. All of our energy is being directed there, but we will continue to host this website, without updating it, because it offers a unique perspective on this historic effort.

"The most important political office is that of citizen."

At least that's what Justice Louis Brandeis believed and urged us to remember. Apparently, former New York Gov. George Pataki does not agree. From the start, he ignored the voice of the millions of New Yorkers who want to see New York's disfigured skyline restored to its pre-September 11th glory. And, inexplicably, the media let him get away with it.

Common sense, civic pride, and New York's place on the world stage demand that we rebuild the Towers. To do less would be an historic mistake. Abandoning the Twin Towers would be remembered as the retreat-heard-round-the-world, establishing for all to see that Bin Laden cut us down to size.

Neither the Governor nor the Mayor has the moral right to alter our world-famous skyline, thereby signaling our capitulation to terrorism. It was and is their fiduciary responsibility to rebuild the Towers, whether they like it or not. We reject the fiction that a democratic process resulted in the misbegotten "Freedom Tower" but it is not too late to do the right thing – and do the thing right!

The word "citizen" is derived from the Old French word for city. New York is the world's city. It has always opened its arms to everyone. It was targeted because it stands for liberty, tolerance, and hope for people all over the world. And all who champion those values and long to see the restoration of its skyline are New Yorkers at heart and deserve to be heard.

The famous admonition to "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world – indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" was never more compelling.  We can  "fight City Hall".  Join the chorus: "Rebuild-the-Towers!"

Questions Raised by the So-Called Inclusive and Open Public Process:

Sample of the public comments submitted to the LMDC



Mega-showmen Penn & Teller know b/s when they see it! The half-hour "Ground Zero" segment of their Showtime "Bull****" series really exposes the LMDC et al for the pompous fools that they are. Their insights on the whole sorry mess are sharp and the conclusion, which is captured below, is very funny, extremely vulgar, and deeply moving, all at the same time. A very effective promo for new Twin Towers – particularly for those who forget why this matters. No longer playing on "Showtime on Demand" - we hope the DVD will be out soon.

Thank you, Alicia Colon of the New York Sun, for your terrific column in support of The Twin Towers Alliance!

"A Failure to Communicate..."

Rebuild-the-Towers is proud to support The Twin Towers Alliance in taking the question of rebuilding the Towers to the public. If ever the Voice of the People deserved to count for something – this is it. We are past trying to explain why officialdom has ignored us. What matters now is that we seize this extraordinary moment before it is gone.

The power structure at Ground Zero is falling apart at the very time we are prepared to come together in record numbers! The groundwork has been laid for an historic victory of idealism over cynicism and resolve over apathy. The Twin Towers Alliance is a first-rate vehicle that can take us all the way and we are depending on your support. We have a rare opportunity to stand together and be counted or we won't count at all.

We expect to change the dynamics at Ground Zero.

Go to now. Sign up. Speak out. Thank you!



New York, NY - Nov. 14, 2005   An alliance of groups for rebuilding the Twin Towers calls on the media to investigate the mess at Ground Zero – before it gets worse.   Full Statement

The media response to our widely-circulated press release was predictably poor, except for one prominent voice who urged us to keep up the good work. We did, however, find that the increased web traffic was quite noticeable and one very influential player in the development of Ground Zero offered us a good deal of encouragement and cogent advice.

While not surprising, it is really hard to understand how those responsible for amplifying the public's concerns can in good conscience ignore the position of so many – particularly when those who support rebuilding are not only fervent, but can very effectively defend their reasons for feeling as they do.

It all boils down to this: If most New Yorkers and most Americans really do think that the Twin Towers should rise again, then why on earth shouldn't they?

This much is sure: Since the media are either too lethargic or too cynical to address the enormous irregularities surrounding this issue, before it is too late, and continue to dismiss the legitimacy of the Twin Towers' majority support, then we will have to hoist our own megaphone and make it impossible for those in authority to ignore our concerns.

Stay tuned.

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We pledge to do all in our power to bring clarity to the rebuilding debate. We will use every ounce of imagination and resolve we can muster to amplify the will of the people.

We will be unrelenting in our efforts to expose any individual or group that would bring a dishonest or self-serving agenda to Ground Zero.

We promise to persevere until the voice of the people is honored and our skyline is restored.


One architect's take...

We discovered this stirring musical tribute to the Twin Towers online. Our thanks to the composer, Rodney Rawlings, for permission to use his beautiful piece, which moves from quiet contemplation of the ruins, through the hammering of rebuilding, to the splendid vision of new Twin Towers.

Daring is a synonym
for being truly alive

While a number of inspired plans have been put forward, with others still in the making, we would like to highlight one truly noble design –