Please go to www.twintowersalliance for ongoing news of this struggle. All of our energy is being directed there, but we will continue to host this website because it offers a unique perspective on this historic effort.

We Can Do It!

The most important thing anyone who supports new Twin Towers could do is to realize that we have an amazing chance right now to stand together and be counted or we won't count at all – and then go to to sign on. Beyond that, it's all a matter of spreading the word.

Anyone who shares the vision of new Twin Towers climbing into the sky should take responsiblity to translate that desire into sustained action. Time devoted to structured outreach each week could do a lot of good. Suggestions for participating include:

  • Visit the Twin Towers Alliance and contribute what you can.
  • Add a Twin Towers Alliance promo to the bottom of all your emails.
  • Send everyone you can think of a link to this site, including military personnel.
  • Visit our Core Rebuilding Links: TeamTwinTowers and the World Trade Center Restoration Movement are important resources for the knowledge needed to be an effective advocate for the Towers.
  • Sign up for the new newsletter and stay informed on the issues.
  • Blanket your own personal and professional networks and raise awareness that we can still Take-Back-Ground-Zero.
  • Engage the bloggers – especially on the issue of the media's refusal to do the investigative watchdog work this issue deserves.
  • Appeal to NYC firefighters and police officers to let their union repesentatives know how they feel about rebuilding.
  • Make well-reasoned calls to talk-radio.
  • Write to your elected officials.
  • Get people around the country buzzing about a mega-rally in the late spring.
  • We need volunteers for a leafletting presence in Midtown - please contact

It is important to point out that while we have lots of good ideas, some that could be easily accomplished, a very few people have been subsidizing this site and others like it, with not only their money, but at significant personal cost. Some dedicated individuals have been doing this for the entire four years . . . . .

It is worth the price, but we would, of course, like to make the most of our efforts. We know people really care about this cause, but don't understand how hard it is to make progress without financial support. We particularly need help right now with printing expenses for planned outreach that could yield terrific results.

So please consider sending a donation to the Team Twin Towers link above and include "RTT" in the memo. Team Twin Towers is a NY State Non-Profit organization. All contributions are used responsibly and carefully accounted for. Thank you!

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"There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.....

"On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures."

- Julius Caesar (IV,iii)